Gunhild Vatn

Ocean Viking; Gunhild Vatn

Ocean Viking; All plates
Ocean Viking; Close up
Ocean Viking; Three plates

In the exhibition Oil, Beauty and Horror in the Petrol Age, I will show the porcelain plate series Ocean Viking. This work is based on documentary photographs of the first Norwegian oil platform. With this artwork I want to address important questions of the representation of Norway's oil history, which will also be discussed within the exhibition in all its complexity. Read more about the project Ocean Viking here.

The Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg will show the comprehensive theme-based exhibition Oil, Beauty and Horror in the Petrol Age. From September 4, 2021 to January 9, 2022 the exhibition takes a speculative and poetic look back at the presence of the so-called modern age of petroleum, which has lasted for roughly one hundred years. From the distance of a hypothetical future, the exhibition will ask what was typical of our time, what was great and beautiful, what was ugly and terrible, and how all this is reflected in art and culture. The exhibition is curated in cooperation with Alexander Klose and Benjamin Steininger from the collective Beauty of Oil. The exploration of the geographies and landscapes of the technologies of oil is one of the main focuses of this large-scale thematic exhibition.

You can read more about the exhibition here.